A 360° feedback system to drive leadership performance

Our research has found the most significant people issue for our clients is the development of their senior leaders. Our 360° feedback system builds your leaders’ skills in a focused way, be it through enhancing individual self-awareness, coaching and development, or providing an organisational view of the group strengths and risks of your leadership population.


Measuring the behaviours that matter

Many organisations fall back on using generic frameworks to assess their leaders. Our system is flexible so that you can upload your own model and focus on the behaviours that matter in your specific context; or you can use out Altitude leadership model, the only framework built upon extensive and continuous research to determine what success looks like for the public and not for profit leaders.


What makes the GS 360° feedback system unique?

Our clients have been very complementary about the flexibility of our system and range of customisation available at no additional cost, from branding, to report structure and tailoring communications for a seamless participant experience. Our unique GDPR compliant, secure report delivery ensures confidentiality, whilst benchmarking options help your leaders understand how they compare to their peers.

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Further Information

For more information about our 360° Feedback tool, how it can be made bespoke to your organisation or for further information on our Altitude model, you can access the online brochure here.   

Our 360° Feedback tool can also be accessed via the G-Cloud 12 framework on the​ digital marketplace here. ​ 

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