Enhance your leadership capabilities and strategies and drive business growth with a bespoke behavioural or success profile framework. Powered by our research, insights and data-driven feedback that defines and differentiates outstanding leaders for the public sector.

Altitude & Benchmarking

What differentiates the most successful leaders in the public sector? We cast our research net wide to answer this question, incorporating:

– detailed desk research on sector challenges
– data analysis of anonymised senior behavioural profiles
– interviews with senior leaders
– examining trends and changes
– analysis of differentiating success factors .


Our Altitude model is based on this research and extensive data set and has been used to profile and compare the leadership skills of over 5,000 senior leaders in the public sector.

This helps us see where there are opportunities for improvement and identify areas for growth at role function, seniority or sector level.

We use this information to help groups or individuals learn how they compare against the public sector population, develop their skills across the Altitude competencies and learn from the expertise of other sectors.

Assessing candidates’ leadership across 12 core behaviours
Altitude assesses candidates’ leadership style across 12 core behaviours, falling into three clusters; Focus on Self, Focus on People and Focus on Outcomes.

Behavioural Framework Design

Help your leaders and employees understand what behavioural excellence that underpins transformation looks like, with a clearly defined behavioural framework that reflects the challenges and opportunities unique to your context.

Inclusive by design
Off the shelf models do not reflect the true experience of your leaders and their teams, nor do they foster engagement or adoption by the people they’re meant to support.

We tailor our approach around our 7-stage design model to ensure we understand your context and develop an inclusive behavioural framework your teams will buy into, because they’ve helped shape it.

A framework that delivers results
The result is a framework that not only supports the delivery of your organisational challenges now and in the future, but where people at all levels will have an understanding of how can they deliver against these, improve their performance and shape your culture – all with the clarity of what excellence looks like.

Bespoke Success Profiles for The Care Quality Commission

The CQC was going through a period of transformation, with an ambitious vision and people strategy.

The ask
They asked us to support them in developing success profiles for every grade across the organisation, setting out the behavioural and cultural expectations clearly for all employees.

The approach
We conducted visionary interviews with the whole senior team, to create an initial structure for each success profile, and then conduct detailed workshops across the organisation to highlight current culture, signpost key areas requiring attention, and how the success profiles could be used to achieve this.

The result
With diagnosis complete, and client branded framework documents created, we helped to embed the success profiles to support their recruitment, development, and promotion of employees, whilst strengthening their understanding of the new cultural and behavioural expectations of them to meet the organisation’s strategic vision.

“I am really excited to see the Success Profiles launch, this has been a truly collaborative piece of work with hundreds of colleagues getting involved. This will provide a framework to help everyone in the organisation to grow and develop and provide a clear route map for success and progression.”

Kirsty Shaw
Chief Operating Officer

360° Feedback

Honest and open feedback is key to driving behavioural change in leaders and aspiring leaders who need to continually develop in order to adapt to the changing environment and demands in the Public Sector. However, they often receive limited, unfocused or insufficient feedback to make real changes.

The traditional approach is to rely on feedback during formal review periods or on spontaneous feedback. Even when 360 feedback is used, it often doesn’t focus on the specific behaviours required for public sector leaders.

Our 360° feedback tool is the only system built upon extensive and continuous research of Public Sector leaders to determine and benchmark what success looks like for leaders in this context.

A robust, targeted and tailored tool to truly help your leaders
Our tailored 360° feedback tool allows leaders to get feedback from key stakeholders on their performance against criteria that will impact their success.

This supports significant shifts in performance through recognition of blind spots and areas for development.

At the same time, you gain key insights into your leadership population to enhance your organisational development, talent, and succession planning processes.

Market leading flexibility
Our tool is uniquely configurable and customisable, with most tailoring options included at no additional cost. We can integrate our Altitude behavioural success model, or your own, or a blend of the two.

Through aggregate reports and tailored set-up, we can monitor and report back against key categories that matter to you.

This identifies trends and patterns of strengths and development needs in your workforce, supporting your ongoing talent, recruitment, and development plans.

Typical results from initiatives such as 360.
Based on Gartner research.

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