Matt Malone

Principal Consultant

Central Government Faith Regulation & Professional Standards

Matt joined us in 2014 as a graduate in our research team and plays a leading role in our growing Faith practice, bringing his own experience of working within a faith environment to bear in navigating the complex challenges of recruiting to organisations where faith is a key tenet of mission and values.

He has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing organisations across a range of sectors. With a focus on our work within the Faith, Regulation and Central Government environments, his experience centres on identifying, attracting, and assessing leaders in some of the most complex and highly scrutinised organisations in public life.

Matt has a particular interest in helping organisations in designing and delivering attraction and assessment strategies that remove barriers to diversity, equality and inclusion and provide genuine opportunities for individuals from less obvious and well-represented backgrounds to thrive in unfamiliar circumstances.

Recent clients include the Church of England at cathedral, diocesan and national level, national regulators such as the General Medical Council, Competition & Markets Authority and Electoral Commission, and central government bodies such as the Money and Pensions Service.

Interesting Fact
Matt has also worked for a city centre church in Leeds and continues to be an active and regular participant in his local church in Sussex. When he is not juggling the ever-changing demands of two young children, he can normally be found going slower than he would ideally like running or cycling the hills of the Ashdown Forest.