Marianna Michailidou

Assessment & Talent Consultant and Data Scientist

Marianna has worked as an occupational psychologist, where she investigated a variety of workplaces challenges from engagement and morale to big-picture areas such as corporate strategy, stakeholder relationships, market performance, and broader business operations.

Her role with us revolves around leadership, board development and best-in-class assessment practice. She is responsible for supporting clients to build high performing, motivated and resilient leadership teams with robust governance. Marianna is part of the development of our data story and thought leadership through conducting adverse impact analysis, mapping psychometrics to behavioural frameworks, assessment design and delivery, project management and evaluation across a range of projects.

She has developed and used several assessment and intervention skills in order to analyse high-level issues and provide recommendations to clients.

Her academic background brought a true passion and curiosity for data, whilst her clinical background gained her numerous additional skills and a new perspective in terms of effective communication.

Having such a varied background has equipped her with a unique skill set. She believes in collaboration, integrity, agility, and in an environment where every voice is truly heard and matters.

Interesting fact
Outside of work Marianna enjoys swimming, playing chess, and gaming (she is very nerdy!).