Laura Turley

Delivery Consultant

Regulation & Professional Standards

Laura has 10 years’ experience in public sector recruitment and has worked across a variety of industries during this time. She started her career recruiting in Local Government and has had a passion for supporting the public sector since.  She has a firm belief and dedication to supporting the building of an inclusive workforce. Throughout her career, she has carried with her the determination to support individuality and ensuring all individuals are given the right tools to succeed.

She is a part of our Disability Affinity Group and has raised awareness of disability and the need for an inclusive workforce through this channel.

Laura is currently working in search and selection and is focusing on the delivery of Senior Leadership teams, CEOs, and Non-Executives within Regulators.  She is proud to use her expertise to deliver a well-informed recruitment process using her strong emphasis on candidate networks and supporting candidates throughout the appointment process.

Interesting Fact
Laura volunteers with a rehabilitation centre in Mombasa, Kenya and enjoys actively working with school-aged children to teach skills to support them throughout their lives. As well as teaching in Kenya, Laura has supported the children’s families to improve their English.