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Shaping nuclear leadership with Kulvinder McDonald

Shaping nuclear leadership

In the second episode of “Leadership Lens,” Jade Beckles, our Diversity & Inclusion Advisor speaks with Kulvinder McDonald about the current shape of nuclear leadership and diversity in the sector and how inclusive initiatives and recruitment are key to change.

Watch the full Leadership Lens conversation below as Kulvinder shares her insights on the challenges and triumphs of her journey in this critical field:

About Kulvinder McDonald

Kulvinder McDonald is a trailblazer in nuclear safety and diversity. A Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers with over 30 years in the nuclear industry, Kulvinder began her career managing defence sector radioactive waste facilities. She later joined the UK’s nuclear safety regulator and became a Superintending Inspector of Nuclear Installations at the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Known for her leadership across high-hazard sites like Sellafield and the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Kulvinder has significantly advanced nuclear safety and regulatory practices both domestically and internationally. Proudly, she’s played a pivotal role in improving diversity and inclusion within the nuclear sector, championing initiatives that foster equitable work environments.

About Leadership Lens

Leadership Lens is a pioneering vlog series where we’ll delve deep into the critical challenges and viewpoints surrounding Diversity & Inclusion in the public, education and not for profit sectors. This exploration and insight into D&I is woven into the fabric of GatenbySanderson, as people pioneers who find, recruit and develop leaders that shape our society. 

Each episode is a journey through the multifaceted world of D&I. We share conversations illuminated by the wisdom of sector leaders and recruitment experts. Our mission is to ignite thoughtful dialogue, foster engaging discussions and unveil actionable D&I strategies.

Leadership Lens is dedicated to transforming perspectives, showcasing ground breaking methodologies, and narrating powerful tales that fuel transformative change within leadership, our communities and beyond.

About our Energy Executive Search practice

Our Energy executive search practice is dedicated to sourcing and attracting top-tier, values-driven senior executive and non-executive leaders. With extensive networks across the public and private energy sectors, we are equipped to meet the unique and exciting challenges presented by missions of critical national importance.

We have an unparalleled track record of providing diverse senior leaders to the UK, Scottish, and Welsh Governments, particularly in niche and technically complex areas such as Carbon Capture, Nuclear New Build, Nuclear Decommissioning, and AI. We are proud to support those committed to delivering clean, affordable, and secure power to people for generations to come.

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