Leadership Lens Episode 1 - Diverse Candidates vs Organisations Expectations

The Rules of Engagement: diverse candidates vs organisation’s expectations

How to align diverse candidates’ priorities and needs with an organisation’s expectations?

In our first episode of “Leadership Lens,” Jade Beckles, our Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, and Michelle Atkinson, Principal Consultant, dive into the nuanced world of D&I in recruitment.

This episode delves into how certain questions from candidates, such as those about salary or flexible working, can inadvertently lead to biases in the hiring process. The conversation highlights issues like the impact of salary enquiries on candidates from lower socio-economic backgrounds and other marginalised groups, and the misconceptions around requests for flexible work arrangements.

Their enlightening conversation sheds light on the importance of recognising and adjusting these ‘unspoken rules’ to foster a more inclusive and equitable recruitment landscape.


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