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It’s time to accelerate the representation of diverse leadership in tech

Shoaib Haroon, Principal Consultant in GatenbySanderson’s Digital, Data & Technology Practice, offers his perspective on the technology market landscape, its trends, and challenges in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic public sector environment.

I read with interest Tech Talent Charter (TTC), annual report on the progress being made to achieve greater diversity at the most senior levels in tech. TTC is an industry-led membership group supporting and tracking diversity across the technology industry.  not-for-profit charity, which focuses on tracking diversity in technology.

Their data found that 22% of senior tech roles are held by gender minorities, 6% lower compared to tech roles overall and ethnic diversity tumbles to 13% in leadership from 25% across all tech roles. While some progress has been made, I don’t think we can wait for the industry to catch up and GS sees its role as accelerating change in terms of representation. While there isn’t an instant fix, we don’t tolerate the often hackneyed excuse of that there’s just not sufficient diverse talent out there to meet the role requirements.

Our solutions are threefold:

  1. Build networks across the industry and stay engaged by investing in relationships across the long term. We are helped by our huge cross sector reach, supported by each of our practices, and our networks into the commercial sector.
  2. Identify potential barriers in the process and be prepared to adapt process. We have used anonymised CVs, video supporting statements and can adapt process while still offering rigour and fairness throughout. For neurodiverse applicants, for example, we consider the impact of a panel interview and whether interview questions should be shared in advance with the candidate
  3. We take a consultative approach with clients and positively challenge where we believe the gate is being closed rather than widened. This might be in terms of the essential criteria being mandated or the background and experience of target candidates.

We know this approach is having positive impact and we are delighted to live up to our purpose of shaping a better, more representative society.

Since 2022, of our leadership appointments:

  • 45% have been women
  • 18% of are ethnically diverse
  • 9% have a declared disability

We know there is still much to do, however and we would like to see each of these ratios increased further still across 2023.

If you would like to work in partnership and discuss how we can help you accelerate equality and diversity within senior leadership tech positions, then please get in touch.

Shoaib Haroon, Principal Consultant | M: 07384258626 | E:

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