The Art and Science of Charity Leadership

Introducing: the art and science of charity leadership

The Art and Science of Charity Leadership is a series of conversations between Liz Dean-Stevens and Suzie Fairley. Liz finds and places exceptional charity leaders and Suzie conducts the executive profiling with our candidates, using our Altitude data model.

In this three-part series they will explore:

  • What makes a great charity leader?
  • What behaviours, skills and traits really matter?
  • What does the data tell us about charity leaders who are successful (and those who aren’t?)
  • How can leaders in the Not for Profit sector balance their head (the science) and heart (the art) of leadership?

The Art and Science of Charity Leadership will focus on the three pillars of our Altitude data model:

GatenbySanderson Altitude model

1. Focus on Self

2. Focus on People

3. Focus on Outcomes


Altitude’ describes behavioural excellence in the public and Not for Profit sectors and reflects 12 core behaviours. The 12 behaviours are then described at 4 levels with indicators detailing the expectations of individuals operating at different levels of complexity at work.

GatenbySanderson Altitude Model Criteria
Over 6,000 leaders have been assessed against the model, enabling us to objectively benchmark what success looks like in the public and Not for Profit sectors.

We’ll be releasing the first episode of The Art and the Science of Charity Leadership on LinkedIn, follow us to get it first.


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