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Interview with Robbie Turner, Director of Inclusion and Diversity at RIBA

As part of #PrideAtGatenbySanderson series, taking place in these #Pride months, we are amplifying the voices and lived experiences of colleagues and partners who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and reflecting on what true allyship means for all of us at GatenbySanderson.

Jade Beckles sat down with Robbie Turner, Director of Inclusion and Diversity at RIBA to explore his role, career path and personal career challenges to shine a light on influential leaders that are shaping organisational and system change, while advancing a culture of inclusivity.

I’m a gay man, and have been out since the age of 16.  I’ve been through various working experiences where I’ve had the opportunity to be visible and open and a leader who people can see as openly gay.  I’ve also had those more difficult working experiences where it doesn’t feel as comfortable. You don’t feel as valued or, perhaps, safe.

The biggest thing that gay leaders can do, and LGBTQ+ leaders in that wider environment, is to be visible and model how this is just a normal part of being at work.

It’s so important to amplify voices and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community and their experiences in the workplace and how organisations, leaders and colleagues can make a difference as allies and community members. Thank you Robbie for sharing your story with us so openly and with such courage.

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