How to transition into Interim Leadership

How to transition into Interim Leadership

Transitioning into interim leadership is a decision many professionals contemplate, but is it for you, and how do you transition if you’re in a permanent role at the moment?

Adeline Rozendaal, who finds and places Interim leaders within our Education practice here at GatenbySanderson, has numerous conversations about this and in this short video offers some insights for those pondering this move:

In this video Adeline shares:

  • the types of individuals and skillsets typically drawn to interim roles
  • what interim leaders enjoy and thrive on in these positions
  • the perks of transitioning into interim leadership
  • the uncertainties to consider and how to mitigate them
  • the abundant rewards of being an interim leader

If you’re contemplating this path and would like to explore it a bit further, Adeline is here to discuss it with you. Reach out directly to Adeline, or anyone in our Interim Leadership team, to connect and see if this exciting journey aligns with your career aspirations.

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