Foundational Interview Skills

Foundational Interview Skills training is a one-day assessment masterclass that gives interviewers the tools and expertise to run effective, consistent and inclusive interviews and processes.

This training is designed to incorporate best practice within the world of assessment and organisational psychology. It will provide interviewers with the confidence, skills and practical experience to become world-class interviewers.

This training is designed for hiring managers or individuals who are newer to interviewing. It has a mix of learning methods to ensure an engaging and informative day, including breakout sessions, practical experience and a workbook for delegates to complete alongside their training.

As a standard Interview Skills training, we cover:

  • Understanding and mitigating our own biases and judgements
  • Tailoring an interview process [using your framework]
  • Neurodiversity and reasonable adjustments
  • Interviewing effectively and authentically
  • Best practice in competency-based interviewing [STARE and ORCE models]
  • Practical interviewing and scoring experience
  • Working within and challenging others on an interview panel
  • Providing meaningful feedback

We can also work with you to tailor our training to your context and requirements.

Delivered in person or online by our leadership and talent assessment experts who bring deep organisational psychology knowledge and personal experience to the training.

How to book

Book a free discovery call with one of our facilitators who can discuss the needs of your interviewer/s and organisation, the best format and any tailoring required so we can provide a quote. There is no obligation to book and we are happy to liaise with you as you discuss with your team.

Already received this training, or have experienced interviewers with an upcoming process? You can instead take our half-day online Advanced Interview Skills Training to revisit best practice and boost your interviewers’ confidence and understanding, helping increase the fairness and consistency of your upcoming processes.  

Our Interview Skills Training is just one of our world class leadership development options.


David Ward