Energy transition, security, and net zero are the global challenges of our times. We partner with organisations across the UK public sector that are driving and enabling this change. Our client base of government departments, energy generators and regulators, policy makers, nuclear start-ups, cutting edge research organisations and think tanks, affords us unrivalled insight and understanding that we bring to the talent market.

Our Energy practice is devoted to sourcing and attracting the highest levels of values-driven senior executive and non-executive leaders. We have substantial networks of talent across the public and private energy sector, capable of meeting the exciting and unique challenges, that missions of critical national importance bring.

Our track record of providing diverse senior leaders to the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, often in niche and technically complex specialisms such as Carbon Capture, Nuclear New Build, Nuclear Decommissioning and AI is unparalleled. We are proud to support those working in the service of bringing clean, affordable, secure power to people for generations to come.

Clients we work with

National Nuclear Laboratory
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Retail Energy Code Company
Defence Nuclear Organisation
UK Research and Innovation
Welsh Government
Nuclear Waste Services
Nuclear Transport Solutions
Scottish Government
Department for Energy Security and Net Zero