Virtual Panel Process Enables Housing Sector to Build Critical Capacity

As many of our sectors continue their critical work to build capacity during this demanding period, it has been a pleasure to work with clients in developing a rigorous virtual process to enable projects to complete as planned. 

Our Housing team, led by Simon Wing, has supported one of the UK’s largest Housing Associations to complete a placement that is central to the delivery of a customer centric approach across the organisation, ensuring both the quality of their services and safety of their residents are prioritised. GS Consultant Rosie Gunn worked closely with the organisations HR Director to construct two stakeholder engagement sessions and a final panel process managed by video conferencing.

Simon reports that the client has been so reassured by the process that they will commence with another key appointment in the organisation in the coming weeks. Rosie’s experience matches others across the business that the most important element is planning, good engagement with all involved and meticulous coordination.

Rosie sums up

We worked in great partnership with the HR team to run through every element of the panel process and ensure we had both the rigour and the cognisance of a face to face assessment. Our project administration took on an even bigger role in making sure that all arrangements were understood and that the scheduling worked to plan. As there were stakeholders, panel members and candidates involved, this was a critical role and assured everyone that it was business as usual. 

We are delighted to have appointed such a key role that focuses on both quality of service and the safety of people, at a time where the vital services the public sector deliver matter more than ever to our society.

We extend our thanks again to all of our public services who continue to deliver front line services while preparing to emerge strongly from this disruption. 

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