IWD 2024 Thea Stein

Thea Stein: a leader’s role in creating opportunities for all

With this year’s International Women’s Day theme of #InspireInclusion, we’re speaking to women across our network to find out more about their experiences as leaders in the public sector and how they inspire inclusion.

Thea Stein, Chief Executive Office of the Nuffield Trust, spoke with Robin Staveley, Practice Lead of our Health team about what she’s most proud of, what she’s found most challenging and how the sector (and its leaders) can and should inspire inclusion, not just for women but for all people.

Thea talks about how imposter syndrome can still show up despite being a seasoned Chief Exec and also shares a story about a formidable woman who gave her an opportunity earlier in her career and the impact of taking it despite not feeling ready:

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