Pace, Partnerships and Pioneers

For public services underincreasing strain, inspired leadership will be the game changer. Many organisations are convinced they have played theirtrump cards already: budgets cut and shaved further; service delivery outsourced; organisations reshaped and partnerships created. Is it any wonderthose at the top are asking, “Where next?” Most Chairs and CEOs, however, quickly realise that this is only the start, and not the endpoint, in transforming services to complex communities that demand more when less is available. So where do leaders go from here? What hand will they be dealt next?

For almost two decades, GatenbySanderson has supported government and the wider public sector to find and develop top leaders forits critical Board and senior positions. In that time, change has been the single constant in our conversations. The need to evolve, reform and, in many cases, transform service delivery has created entirely new demands of those who lead. But has our understanding of what makes an effective leader kept up with the pace of change? Or are we relying upon old models of

Read our paper where we examine the factors that really make the difference to outstanding leadership in public life.

Thinking beyond traditional boundaries is no longer enough; it’s not seeing a boundary in the first place.
CEO Local Government

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