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Marteka Swaby: Inspiring Black Women into Leadership

Ahead of our #InspiringInclusion online training for this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting the incredible career journey of Marteka Swaby who will be leading the first part of the session.

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About Marteka Swaby

Marteka Swaby is a dynamic and influential figure in the mental health sector. She is a registered BPC Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and the founder of Benevolent Health, a platform committed to enhancing mental health access. Holding a Master of Science (MSc) in Psychodynamic Counselling & Organisational Development, Marteka’s extensive skill set includes Management, CBT, Case Management, and Training, all contributing to her impact in the field of mental health.

Marteka is a Black British woman of Jamaican heritage, whose journey began in 1999 when her fascination with human behaviour led her to train as a therapist, focusing initially on addiction and later expanding to eating disorders and trauma.

Now with a career spanning over 15 years, she has garnered extensive experience in the NHS, public sector, and corporate, honing her expertise in consulting, coaching, and mentoring. Marteka’s work focuses on supporting the mental health and career progression of diverse women in corporate settings, advocating for their greater representation in leadership roles.

Marteka’s mission

At the heart of Marteka’s mission is her drive to reshape the conversation around race and mental health. She strives to elevate diverse women into influential positions. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves a place at the table. Creating more opportunities and legacies for future generations is crucial and resonates throughout her work.

Her dedication to supporting diverse women in corporate settings is a testament to her passion. She helps diverse women amplify their impact without sacrificing mental health. Marteka’s approach is deeply rooted in ensuring that these women feel seen, heard, and supported, striving to give them a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

“I’m on a crazy mission to build a bigger table and lift as many women into freedom with a greater sense of purpose & belonging”.

Creating community

Marteka’s involvement with initiatives such as her ‘Kinship’ sessions, the ‘Make A Difference’ Summits Advisory Board, Ocean Medical Clinic, The GC Index, and the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, underlines her dedication to mental health and leadership amongst women. Marteka’s 6-week accelerator programme is a prime example of her commitment to empowering diverse women, focusing on increasing their confidence, impact and income.

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Sharing her expertise

Her upcoming role as a speaker at our ‘Inspiring Black Women into Leadership’ event on 4th March, aligns perfectly with her ongoing efforts to empower and uplift women in leadership roles. Her presence promises to offer insightful perspectives and inspirational guidance. This is an unmissable opportunity for leaders and professionals keen on championing diversity and inclusion in their organisations and learn from experts like Marteka.


“My mission is to change the narrative on race and mental health and alleviate diverse women into greater positions of influence. I believe we all deserve a seat at the table, and we need to create more opportunities and legacy for future generations, and I am passionate about seeing other diverse women leading and winning across their expertise,”

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