Launching our new GS mini Academy

We are thrilled to be launching our new GS mini Academy on Children’s Mental Health Week. Our philosophy throughout the past year has been to protect our people first, so we are very excited to be piloting our new academy for mini-GSers; 40% of our people have children under 18 at home with them, and we are all aware of the additional pressures that home-schooling brings. 

As it’s Children’s Mental Health Week, our first session focuses on looking after physical and mental wellbeing, before adding an additional more curriculum-based module from next week. We aim to give overstretched parents time each week where they can take a break or refocus, safe in the knowledge that their little people are happily and constructively engaged elsewhere, building their own virtual friends and learning network. 

If you’d like to know more about the GS mini Academy, please contact Tina Read, Head of HR:

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