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International Women’s Day, a day we champion 365 days a year

Congratulations to the 21 women in GS who have been promoted in the last 12 months. Thank you for your fantastic performance and ongoing commitment. We can’t wait to watch your career progress with us.

  • Abbie Barlow to Senior Project Co-ordinator, Health
  • Alison Elton to Principal Consultant Education
  • Chantelle Harris to Associate Consultant, Housing
  • Del Coutinho to Principal Researcher, LG and Housing
  • Darra Power-Mooney to Senior Consultant, CG
  • Eleanor Pugh to Partner IL, Health
  • Ellie Masters-Gregory to Delivery Consultant, Housing
  • Harriet Blundell to Senior Project Co-ordinator LTC
  • Hilda Gjika to Associate Consultant, Education
  • Joanna Riley to Principal Researcher, Health
  • Jennie Nee to Senior Project Co-ordinator, LTC
  • Julia St Clare to Associate Consultant, Health
  • Kit Rooney to Research Consultant
  • Marie Blakesley to Partner, LTC
  • Michelle Atkinson to Senior Consultant, Health
  • Olivia Robinson to Research Lead, CG and Regulation
  • Orla Brennan to Research Consultant
  • Rachel Salvia to Senior Researcher, LG and Housing
  • Sara Prescott to Senior Project Co-ordinator, Regulation
  • Sally Wilson to IL Principal Consultant
  • Toria Lorman-Connolly to Principal Project Co-ordinator, DDaT

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