Herald the Housing Pioneers

Complexity, change and the end of heroic leadership

Finding and developing leaders for the future is a consistent challenge for organisations within the housing sector, and for us as recruiters and leadership & talent consultants. 

This round table will discuss and explore new approaches to overcome these challenges, by drawing upon the leadership journey of Leann Hearne, CEO First Ark Group, and exploring our unique Altitude research, GatenbySanderson’s leadership model to define those characteristics that differentiate outstanding leaders across all walks of public life, as well as opening the floor to your own personal experiences.

Taking on the baton of Housing leadership and thriving in a shifting landscape is not for the faint hearted; the composition of senior teams and boards are changing and we have seen an emergence of new roles and new commercial strategies, but:

  • What do we mean by commercial?
  • What is a digitally enabled business in the context of the housing sector?
  • What is customer engagement really all about?
  • Is growth more than just mergers and increasing stock size?

The demographic profile, and imminent retirement of many high profile housing leaders, brings into sharper focus than ever, the challenge of identifying and developing pioneering leaders of tomorrow. 

Join our round table to discuss and explore new approaches to address these key challenges, backed by personal experiences, best practice and our ground breaking research.

  • When? Friday 2 November, 08.00 – 10.30
  • Where? GatenbySanderson, 14 King Street, Leeds LS1 2HL

To register your attendance, or for further information, contact Patrick Worthington.

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