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GS Women’s Affinity Group Launch Internal Mentoring Programme

We are delighted that our very active Women’s Affinity Group (WAG) is launching an internal mentoring programme, which has had huge backing across the business. There are some clear benefits, not least:

  • Mentees having an opportunity to gain practical knowledge, support and insight from an experienced colleague who has achieved a level of expertise they aspire to attain;
  • Mentors have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of professional knowledge and skills through their instruction, facilitation and support of others;
  • The sponsoring organisation has the opportunity to further develop and disseminate the wealth of talent, skill and knowledge across its employee base.

The Women’s Affinity Group leads have been working hard over the last few months to develop the pilot mentoring programme. We plan for this to be rolled out more widely across the broader business in 2024.

It’s very satisfying to see a significant number of volunteers expressing an interest in the programme, which is being spearheaded by Liaquat Lal, Partner in our Leadership & Talent Consultancy team, who is developing comprehensive training for all involved. Mentors and mentees will soon be matched and commence their mentoring journey!

The Women’s Affinity Group hope that, in establishing a robust programme framework with appropriate support in situ, colleagues will benefit in terms of both their professional development and personal growth. This is also a valuable tool in our staff retention policy and we have very high hopes of seeing an even healthier number of internal promotions across the next 12 months. We have no doubt that GS will benefit from the stronger relationships nurtured across the business and the cross fertilisation of knowledge and expertise.

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