Blue background, white text which reads GatenbySanderson partners with Civica to deliver cutting-edge assessments

GatenbySanderson partners with Civica to deliver cutting-edge assessments

We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Civica Assessments to advance our Leadership & Talent Consultancy offer and provide a wide variety of online assessments using their cutting-edge online delivery platform.

Civica Assess are an established and highly respected provider of online assessments and examinations. Over 5000 public bodies globally use their software to help provide critical services to over 100 million people.

Partnering their system design expertise with the assessment design expertise of our psychologists, we have been able to integrate their solution to support the 1000s of assessments we deliver every year as part of our assessment and development work, executive search and interim leadership recruitment.

In Spring 2023 we integrated Civica Assess’ leading online assessment platform to successfully deliver situational judgment tests (SJT) for over 500 candidates. We were able to rapidly convert the client-specific assessments that our team designed into a secure online assessment hosted through Civica’s platform.

This provided our public-sector candidates a seamless and user-friendly environment and gave us and our client the data to make objective decisions based on the candidates’ suitability for the role, further reducing the risk of unconscious bias in the process and supporting our commitment to inclusive recruitment practices throughout.

The assessments played a key role in reducing a volume of candidates down to manageable numbers for the next stage of the process, whilst protecting the diversity of the candidate pool.

Our ongoing partnership will ensure we provide the best range of assessments, including options for proctored completion, multi-device delivery as well as detailed reports and statistics on the assessments and candidates.

Mark Powell, Head of Leadership & Talent Consultancy at GatenbySanderson said:

“From the start Civica felt like the natural partner for us, their eAssessment platform is proven, having delivered over 12 million assessments, and provides both the stability and flexibility to allow us to build high quality, tailored assessments to help our clients make fair and efficient selection decisions”

Beverley Seager, Head of Implementation at Civica said:

“Having the opportunity to work alongside Mark and his team on such an important project has been a fantastic experience. The world of online assessments is a very progressive place to be in right now and I am very excited about how this partnership with GatenbySanderson will help shape our product roadmap and enhance the online assessment experience for candidates within the recruitment and leadership development sector.”

If you’d like to understand more about how situational judgement tests and our online assessments can make your recruitment process more inclusive and seamless, please reach out to Marie Blakesley, Partner, Leadership & Talent Consultancy.

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