GatenbySanderson confirms commitment to diversity by signing national charter

GatenbySanderson has stated its commitment to championing diversity within tech and digital employment by being a Signatory of the national Tech Talent Charter; the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a UK Government sponsored initiative, supported by the UK Government’s Digital Strategy, which aims to deliver greater diversity in the UK’s tech workforce. 

The charter outlines a number of pledges around inclusive recruitment processes, employment policies and practices that support the development and retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce, sharing best practice and contributing employment diversity data. By signing up to the Charter we join over 500 UK employers, including government departments, local authorities and some of the biggest leaders in the tech industry such as KPMG, PWC and Sky, to work together to drive change. 

Sarah Luxford, GS Partner, Digital, Data & Technology (DDaT) commented:

“Promoting inclusion, diversity and equality through more representative leadership has always been part of our DNA. As a leading public-sector recruiter, we acknowledge that we have a vital role to play in developing and promoting greater diversity, both in terms of our own employment practice and that of our clients. By signing the Tech Talent Charter, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting diverse recruitment throughout all the sectors we support.”   

Debbie Forster, CEO, Tech Talent Charter (TTC) says: 

“The importance of greater inclusion and diversity in tech is, thankfully, no longer up for debate. Sectors and organisations now need to work together to shift the dial – and this will happen a lot quicker if we pool our successes, failures, ideas and learn from them to bring about real structural change.”

For more information about the The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) visit:

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