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Demand for senior technology, data and transformation leaders has grown by 80%

Over the last 12 months we have seen vacancies increase by 80% in the search and selection market within Central Government compared to around 30% across the rest of the public sector. With demand across Departments at an all-time high, and outstripping the rest of the public sector, what does this mean in terms of candidate supply and the search and attraction strategies needed?

Shoaib Haroon, Principal Consultant in GatenbySanderson’s Digital, Data & Technology Practice will focus on these key questions in a series of new blogs over the coming weeks. With 15+ years’ experience delivering exceptional results, and a particular focus on Central Government, Shoaib offers his perspective on the technology market landscape, its trends, and challenges in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic public sector environment.

In an increasingly dynamic and complex landscape where technology is leading transformation and service delivery, identifying the very best talent, often from the commercial sector, and attracting people to government needs effective planning and outstanding candidate engagement. Matching the best talent to the right roles and managing the transition into the organisation is critical for pace to performance and retention. Added to the well-publicised skills scarcity is the need to bring greater diversity to both the sector and the profession.

It is in this challenging environment that Shoaib excels with recent placements including:

  • Chief Technology Offer – Money and Pensions Service
  • Director of Data and Analysis – Department of Transport
  • Chief Digital Data and Technology Officer – Intellectual Property office
  • Director of Cyber Security – NHS England
  • Deputy Director Head of Engineering & Deputy Director Identity Product – Government Digital Service
  • Deputy Director of Digital Technology – Crown Prosecution Service

Shoaib takes a client-centric approach, working closely with you to understand unique requirements and challenges, and providing tailored solutions to meet very specific needs. He is a trusted advisor and partner to his clients, building long-term relationships built on trust and transparency.

He brings his deep-seated passion for ED&I and aims to bridge the skills gap within the technology space while increasing both ethnic and gender diversity in search.  His first piece will explore the challenges faced in recruiting diverse technology talent into public services and a further piece on how to combat some of these barriers.

We look forward to sharing this insight with you; if you have any immediate needs to build your technology capability and leadership, then please get in touch.

Contact Shoaib Haroon on 07384 258626 or email

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