Current compensation packages are not fit for purpose?

Current compensation packages are not fit for purpose? Increments should be a thing of the past?

Julia Roberts, our Practice Lead for Education and Jayne Billam, Human Resources Director at Nottingham Trent University are leading a conversation into the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of compensation structures in UK universities.

Compensation structures in universities are rigid and unfit for purpose in a newly competitive higher education marketplace. Universities are constrained to their pay packages by a nationally agreed system. This doesn’t allow for flexibility of promoting and reward high performing staff. 

Automatic increments reward mediocrity and those who perform above and beyond are unable to be rewarded effectively though the rigidity of a nationally agreed system. Universities are beleaguered by place holders who do the bare minimum to remain in post, hampering agility.

Organisations are now competing for staff as well as students. Why must universities be tied to a pay system that does not allow it to be competitive. Also, given the high cost of pensions, how can universities continue to afford the pay increases imposed upon them. 

Can higher education afford to be complacent? Join the conversation at our workshop at the UHR Conference 2019, login to your account and select Workshop A9 or B9.

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