CEO Greg Allen on community thinking and the role of data, technology, innovation & investment

Greg Allen has been CEO of Future Care Capital (FCC) since April 2018. FCC shapes the future of health and care, driving innovation and improvement through leading edge research and policy insights and by bringing together policy makers and practitioners.

Greg has significant expertise in organisational transformation and development, workforce, HR and operations and was a senior civil servant at the Department of Health. His early career in private banking and investment management at Coutts & Co. provides an excellent foundation for his current work supporting the establishment of FCC’s venture capital Innovation Fund. Originally, Greg trained as a teacher and was a Commissioned Officer in the British Army Adjutant General’s Corps (Education & Training Services).

Here, he talks about the role of FCC in helping to stimulate increased debate around health and care policy and how this period of coronavirus disruption has put the spotlight on community thinking and action.


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