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Black History Month – Profile of Janet Campbell, Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority

Thank you to Janet Campbell, HR Director at the Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority Ltd, who took the time to speak to our Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Jade Beckles for Black History Month about shaping organisational and system change, while advancing a culture of inclusivity.

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To avoid tokenistic measures try to get as many voices as you can into the conversation, into what the solutions might be and listen to the lived experience of those that are talking to you. I think it’s very easy to ignore lived experience and then what happens is your actions become performative or tokenistic because there’s no real meaning behind them.  When you do take actions, it shouldn’t be a one-time only thing, because that’s only ticking a box at that point. You’re looking at how you have repeatable actions that embed, so that slowly but surely you change the culture of an organisation and what ‘the norm’ is.

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