360° Feedback System

Leaders and aspiring leaders need to continually develop in order to adapt to the changing environment and demands in the Public Sector. Honest and open feedback is key to driving behavioural change, however leaders frequently receive limited feedback, or feedback which is insufficiently focused and candid to enable them to make real changes.

The conventional approach is to rely on feedback during formal review periods, or on individuals to provide feedback spontaneously. When 360 feedback is in place, it often doesn’t use a tailored process focusing on the specific behaviours required for public sector leaders; our 360 feedback tool is the only system built upon extensive and continuous research of Public Sector leaders to determine and benchmark what success looks like for leaders in this context.

A unique opportunity to help your current and future leaders

Our 360 tool allows leaders to hone and adapt their skills by gathering feedback from key stakeholders on their performance against key criteria that will impact their success. A robust, appropriately targeted and tailored 360 enables the honest sharing of feedback on areas which are critical to leaders’ roles.  This supports key shifts in performance through recognition of blind spots and areas for development, as well as enhancing your organisational development, talent and succession planning processes through key insights into your leadership population.

The most flexible 360 platform on the market

Fully tailorable 360 content means you can use our Altitude model, your own model or a blend of the two. Our platform is uniquely configurable and customisable, with most tailoring options included at no additional cost.

Through aggregate reports and tailored set-up we can monitor and report back against key categories that matter to you. This identifies trends and patterns of strengths and development needs in your workforce, supporting your ongoing talent, recruitment, and development plans.

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