Top Team Development

The demands on senior leaders have changed and are continuing to change; as the world becomes more volatile, complex and uncertain we are seeing a shift from individual ‘heroic’ leadership to a more collegiate, connected and shared approach. The conventional approach has been to homogenise top team development opportunities into a series of independent events, usually typified as a ‘team building’ or a ‘team away day’, and there is often a lack of insight into the specific needs of top team development.

The conventional approach is not sophisticated enough to address all of the needs of a Public Sector leadership team; Our Top Team Development Programme does it differently.

Creating more team-centric, networked, and agile organisations

We have extensive experience delivering leadership programmes across large and complex public sector organisations, giving us a unique and intimate understanding of the specific needs of a senior leadership team. Our Top Team Development Programme is designed to meet the specific needs of senior and executive teams, which includes a suite of modular interventions that can be used independently as well as interdependently.

Development paths

We have developed four development paths, each with a specific focus and learning outcomes: New Teams, Team Performance, Team Dynamics and Strategic Teams.

The programme creates a strong and lasting sense of inclusion and integration from the core of the team outwards, enhancing team development and performance whilst nurturing relationships and interpersonal needs. This paves the way for the team to think more collegiately with innovation, vision, and strategy.

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