Leadership Development Programmes

The challenge of leadership has never been more complex or sophisticated as we experience exponential and inexorable change. The challenges faced by Public Sector leaders have identified the need for leaders and managers to think, act and react differently, requiring cognitive, behavioural and emotional development and transformation.

Key areas to develop leadership capability 

Our insight and thought leadership within the public sector has enabled us to identify the key areas to develop leadership capability;

Self-awareness and growth in consciousness allows better self-regulation and expenditure of personal energy. As leaders’ self-awareness and regulation develops so does their ability to recognise this in others and their ability to empathise and effectively manage dynamics caused by pressure and stress.

Building and leading inclusive teams is critical to organisational performance. This involves understanding the neurology of professional performance and how psychological safety contributes to teams becoming high performing.

Developing greater mental complexity in order to think more divergently and conceptually whilst at the same time being able to make decisions quickly without all the information.

A modular blended learning experience 

Our leadership programmes are designed to support leaders and teams generate the impetus for change through a modular blended learning experience. Through stimulating critical thinking and collaboration on the most pressing leadership challenges, participants explore how to drive social change through their teams and organisations.

They are immersive and evolving experiences, not a linear ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Delivery involves a series of interconnected, blended activities that drive ripples of change across the organisation. Participants have the opportunity to access multiple and simultaneous leadership development interventions as well as hear from guest contributors and thought leaders.

Design and delivering a new
Accelerated Leadership Development Programme

As a result of the programme, 58% of participants received a promotion or positive career move, 8% made an internal move at the same band. 94% of participants rated the overall programme 4 or 5, out of 5, with 97% stating they would recommend the programme.

“GatenbySanderson has been partnering with us at Westminster City Council to deliver our Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP). Feedback from participants undergoing the programme has been extremely positive with many commenting on the value of integrating brain-based techniques with psychological models that give the leaders a common language has made a real difference to those they are supporting.”

Swati Bisht-Rawat, People Lead, Westminster City Council

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