Volume Assessment

Whether recruiting externally or assessing internally for a restructure, roles where high volumes of applications can be expected present a number of key challenges including how to identify the best candidates in a cost-effective and timely way and ensuring that methods used are fair and do not disadvantage any group.

Re-balance the focus on cost effectiveness and diversity 

Typically, many volume processes focus on reducing numbers in a cost-effective way as the primary focus, but our clients regularly come to us for support when they realise that their approach is leading to a loss of diversity in their candidate pool, and a risk of legal challenges on this basis.  It is critical in many public sector roles in particular that post-holders are reflective of the diversity of the communities they serve.  Furthermore, Gartner research shows that a more diverse workforce actively supports stronger organisational performance and employee retention.  The mistake here is making diversity monitoring an activity which occurs after a process has ended.

What’s our approach?
Our differentiators –features and benefits

At GatenbySanderson we work with our clients to identify the most appropriate volume recruitment process to meet your needs – with a focus on assessing capability and maintaining diversity of the application pool, making this core to the process, rather than an afterthought.

 Processes will vary, but our services include:

Support with candidate attraction 

Supporting diversity through assessment design and delivery

Adverse impact analysis in real time 

Ongoing validation and diversity monitoring 

Candidate communications and feedback

Robust, inclusive and cost effective processes

A well-thought through process, with a diversity lens throughout, will lead to fair, inclusive and defensible recruitment processes which actively increase engagement, even for unsuccessful applicants.  By working closely with you we will find the right balance to ensure that you are able to recruit the best candidates, reflecting the diversity of the communities you serve, in a cost-efficient way

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