Succession Planning

How strong is your leadership population to deliver on the challenges they face now and in the future? Who might be ready to step up in the short and medium term to deliver in current and emerging critical roles?

Organisations need to move with agility and use objective insight to identify and develop the diverse leaders who will help to drive strategic outcomes.

Assessing readiness using a holistic approach

Some organisations will try to avoid the challenge of external recruitment by reactively appointing internally, with decisions based on performance in current role, rather than a clear view on readiness to ‘step-up’ in scale and scope. This can result in the wrong individual being appointed, meaning missed opportunities and delayed key projects. We work with organisations to advise them on how to best assess readiness against their organisational needs; we use a holistic approach that considers an individual against 3 areas; knowledge, track record and behaviour.

Combining our knowledge for a unique approach

We use the extensive experience and insight of our executive search consultants to measure knowledge and track record, alongside our skilled psychologists who focus on behavioural capability measurement, to deliver our unique approach. People readiness is assessed by using a combination of 1-2-1 assessments, group benchmarking and a range of other assessments, from psychometric profiling to immersive development centres. 

Objective readiness dashboards

We provide dashboards at two levels; at a group level we provide an overall view of bench strength, highlighting risks against critical roles, and at an individual level we identify strengths and development themes to help individuals close the gaps and accelerate readiness. This insight provides our clients with objective insight to inform succession strategy.

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