Future Leader Identification

Identifying and developing diverse future leaders is a critical part of workforce planning. The identification of high potential individuals and future leaders often lacks structure and objectivity, this can impact diversity and inclusion and undermine future leader bench strength.

Organisations often look to ‘in role’ performance data to identify leadership potential, but the reality here is that only 15% of high performers are also high potentials. The identification of individuals also often fails to account for the context of an organisation with generic behaviours used to help determine success when something more specific is needed.

Defining potential in the context of your organisation

We support and advise our clients using a structured yet agile model of potential which measures an individual against 3 areas:

Desire for greater responsibility and challenge, in other words – do they want it?

Fit to critical behaviours that matter, in other words – will they be effective in your context?

Rational and emotional commitment to your organisation, in other words – will they stay?

We bring this model to life in a number of ways including guidance to help managers differentiate between performance and potential and psychometric led assessment to benchmark potential.

Source: © Gartner.

Future leader identification with CQC

We partnered with CQC to establish a model of potential, unique to their context and referencing their success profiles, to bring greater objectivity and fairness to the talent identification process, this included manager guidance for use in career conversations.​

Driving consistency, transparency
and fairness into future leader identification

Our approach ensures you are identifying and developing the right leaders who can rise to the current and future challenges your organisation might face.

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