Executive Profiling

Senior appointments are high stakes decisions, appointing the right leader brings inherent risk and determines an organisation’s future success. Research estimates that 50% of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role with ripple effects on team productivity and organisation performance.

Executive recruitment processes often rely solely on interviews to determine the best candidate for the role, but this method alone can result in poor decision making, due to interviewer bias, with candidates hired based on first impressions impacting fairness and diversity. In addition, senior executive recruitment processes often leverage generic leadership competencies which do not tap into the specific requirements of Public Sector leaders in your context. Finally, candidate suitability is often focussed on ‘fit to role’, with little insight or consideration given to a candidate’s ‘fit to team’ and ‘fit to culture’.

Incorporating objective assessment insights​

At GatenbySanderson we like to do things differently, firstly, context is key and we will work with you to determine the critical success factors for the role, using either your own behavioural model or the GS model of leadership excellence for the Public Sector, Altitude.  Secondly, we will identify the most appropriate assessment methods to measure the things that matter, including psychometrics, psychologist interview, stakeholder and media exercises.  Thirdly, we can also look beyond ‘fit to role’ and consider both ‘fit to team’, by profiling incumbent team members, and ‘fit to culture’ with reporting against your values.

Our approach is underpinned by science and delivered by experienced occupational psychologists, helping to ensure a fair and inclusive process.

GS are proud to be the sole supplier of psychologist led assessment services for all shortlisted candidates for Senior Civil Service roles. Through the contract we provide psychologist profiling including psychometrics and Stakeholder Engagement exercises.

Reduce bias and increase fairness

Our approach is designed to reduce bias, increase fairness and objectivity, and help you effectively manage the risks of senior appointments through our fit to ‘role, team and culture’ insights.

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