Board Evaluation

The need to ensure that boards, and their governance arrangements, are fit for purpose is a requirement for all organisations across the sectors we work in, and increasingly the requirement to seek assurance from independent review is growing.

At GS our board sector experts work in partnership with you to evaluate how well your board is meeting the diversity of expectations placed on it and the extent to which the board has the foundations and bench strength to deliver on its organisational ambitions and strategic objectives.  Our board evaluation services include individual board member review, collective board review and board process review. 

Individual Board Member Review

Our board experts utilise a number of methods to assess the performance and skills of members who populate board and committee structures. These include developing and delivering comprehensive, objective and robust individual appraisal processes and conducting robust and independently validated skills reviews. The outputs of these processes can also be drawn together to provide clients with a view of collective performance.

Collective Board Review

As well as drawing together individual review outputs to form a view of the collective performance of a board or its committees, we offer a range of collective review processes to provide an in depth understanding of how the governance arrangements and their members support an organisation in meeting their strategic objectives. This includes objective 360-degree review, collective skills audit and support in determining the focus of board development and succession planning.

Board Process Review

The review of governance structures can support an organisation to assess if current arrangements fully support meeting its objectives and ambitions, or how new governance arrangements in a new or merged organisation need to be framed. Our board experts can conduct end to end governance process reviews, drawing best practice from a range of sectors to support clients in establishing or improving their governing instruments, annual meeting planning, effective information flow and effective paper production processes to ensure the board and its committees are appropriately supported.

These interventions are designed to provide an independent and objective view of the strengths, and risks of the board and their governance arrangements, enabling organisations to focus on the key areas for improvement that support the development of a high performing board and effective governance arrangements.

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