Board Development

As a board, and as board members, your stakeholders and employees are looking to you for guidance at a time when the systems in which you operate are becoming ever more volatile and complex.  With complexity comes pressure, this can lead to introspection and a focus on immediate challenges resulting in the de-prioritisation of essential board development interventions.

At GS we have extensive experience delivering board development interventions with large and complex public sector organisations, our sector experts give us a unique understanding of the specific needs of boards and board members. Our board development interventions are designed to offer a tailored approach to individual board member and collective board development.

Individual Board Member Development

For board members we offer one to one coaching, through understanding an individual’s unique challenges we help ensure that the outcomes of personal development and lasting change are supported.  We manage the coaching relationship using our 5-stage process to ensure the effectiveness of the intervention, this starts with matching the coachee with one of our experienced coaches.  Coaching can include the use of diagnostics such as 360 and psychometrics that reflect essential board member behaviours and governance competencies and help to identfy both strengths and areas of risk.

Collective Board Development

For collective boards we offer a range of interventions that are informed by the stage a board are at in their development and maturity.  We also reference any board evaluation insights we have gathered that help diagnose areas of focus.  We have four main development interventions each with specific learning outcomes. These are New Boards, Board Dynamics, Board Performance and Strategic Boards. 

These interventions are designed to create a strong and lasting sense of inclusion and integration from the core of the team outwards, enhancing board development and performance whilst nurturing relationships and interpersonal needs. This paves the way for the board to think more collegiately with innovation, vision, and strategy.

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