Jacob Simmons

Assistant Researcher

Central Government Regulation

Jacob is a highly skilled Graduate Researcher with a demonstrated ability to source high-quality candidates for executive-level roles within the public sector. He possesses exceptional research, communication, lateral thinking, and persuasion skills, honed through his experience in the recruitment industry.

Jacob’s ability to synthesise large amounts of information enables him to identify potential opportunities and challenges quickly. He is an articulate communicator, capable of conveying complex information in a clear and concise manner.

His interest in technology led him to pursue an education in Law, specialising in Financial and Commercial Law, and exploring the intersection of law and fintech.

Interesting Facts
In addition to his professional experience, Jacob is passionate about filmmaking, showcasing his creativity and collaborative skills in several successful projects. 

He once met Prince Charles at a local agricultural show having the opportunity to greet him before he left the event in the helicopter which had landed on the sports pitch of Jacobs school. Sadly, the wind caused by his helicopter departing blew Jacob’s hat away!