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Local Government

More Local authorities have used GatenbySanderson to find new senior talent than any other recruiter. Now, more than ever before, local government is being challenged to re-shape public service delivery and community cohesion.

The traditional role of the local government officer has changed beyond all recognition in a generation and our approach to finding fresh talent has had to keep pace with these changes..That’s why most local authorities have sought support from us.   From counties and districts to metropolitan and unitary authorities, hierarchical structures are being swept away and increasingly replaced by influence and partnership working in a far more integrated manner than ever before both internally as well as externally with partners and a growing range of types of providers.

Finding people with the range of skills to deliver these agendas has become increasingly difficult. To do so, you need to understand the nature of the challenge/opportunity as well as the nature of leadership. GatenbySanderson understands both. Our intelligent approach to search, assessment and supporting our clients provides both flexibility and rigour. Unconstrained by traditional boundaries, we know where to look for talent and how to find leaders of the future. Between them, our Partners have more experience of hiring chief executives, directors and the most senior managers into local government leadership roles than any other search and interim leadership business.

With recognise that each client and every role requires a fresh approach and we work in a consultative style using our extensive experience to inform and provide insight for each opportunity. It is almost certain that, with our unrivalled track record, we have handled something similar, somewhere in the country!

If you would like to learn more about how GatenbySanderson can help you, contact us on Leeds 0113 205 6071, London 020 7426 3960 or Birmingham 0121 644 5700.