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School governors ‘highly influential for the direction of a school’

Education secretary Nicky Morgan says that most best-performing schools have high-quality governors in place.

30 June 2015

Govt outlines plans to turnaround ‘coasting schools’

The government has outlined its plans to help coasting schools boost their standard of education.

30 June 2015

More Oxbridge graduates teaching in state schools

Oxbridge graduates teaching in state schools more than doubles, says new study.

23 June 2015

Local power over wind farms

Local people will have more power to decide whether or not onshore wind farms can be developed in their area.

22 June 2015

Rise in free NHS Health Checks ‘thanks to local authorities’

New data reveals that more people are having free health checks since local authorities took over control of this.

18 June 2015

Exceptional educational leaders to be recognised by Ofsted letter

The head of Ofsted says that school and college leaders who are found to be doing a great job will receive an official letter praising their efforts.

17 June 2015

Education coalition outline plans for leadership foundation

A powerful group of education organisations have revealed their vision of a Foundation for Leadership in Education.

15 June 2015

Billions can be saved in the NHS through improved efficiencies

Lord Carter says hospitals can save billions of pounds if they improve their processes.

15 June 2015

What makes a good school leader?

It is quite difficult to properly describe what makes a good leader, says the general secretary of the NAHT.

11 June 2015

Charity staff ‘overworked’

A new study shows that charity staff feel overworked with many putting in extra hours to ensure they do a good job.

11 June 2015

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