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Careers education 'need to be improved'

A new report says teachers need to be at the heart of careers education.

3 March 2015

UK online university platform hits new milestone

Over one million people have signed up to online university course in the US.

24 February 2015

Schools encouraged to pair "best teachers with toughest pupils"

A new report has called for schools to focus on improved teaching and not league tables.

17 February 2015

Calls increase to keep humanism in GCSE syllabus

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has called for humanism to be kept in the GCSE religious studies syllabus.

9 February 2015

More students than ever applying for university

Ucas figures have shown record university application numbers.

4 February 2015

Art of reading "lost" on children

Teachers have said that the amount of children reading for pleasure is on the decline.

23 January 2015

Nick Clegg aims to end child illiteracy by 2025

The deputy prime minister has promised to end child illiteracy by 2025, should the Liberal Democrats remain in power after the general election.

19 January 2015

Parents happy with UK teaching standards

New research from NASUWT has highlighted a positive response from parents about the standard of teaching in the UK.

12 January 2015

History textbook content standard criticised

The standard of history textbook content has been criticised by a prominent history teacher.

7 January 2015

UK university entrants passes 500,000

Over 500,000 people enrolled in university in the UK this year, according to official figures.

23 December 2014

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