• The talent challenge in post Brexit world

    Jun 20, 2017


    As the UK commences two years of negotiations with the rest of the EU, the impact of Brexit is creating uncertainty for all. With a strong focus on the economy and the impact of leaving Europe on consumer confidence, it is perhaps easy to forget the many other layers of crucial public service that will be affected directly or indirectly by the conditions brought about by our exit from the EU.

    So what does Brexit mean for universities? How will the break with Europe change the game for universities? How will it affect international perception of the UK as a place to live, work and study? Are we still open for business? How ready will universities be to respond to changing markets and trends? Will they have the right leadership in place to steer the course?

    Our hope is that some of the insight gathered in our new report (download it here) will prompt further debate and encourage the Higher Education sector to grasp the nettle. We hope that you find the questions this paper raises thought provoking.

    Author:  Juliet Taylor, Partner and Head of the Education Practice