• Don’t forget the emotion

    Sep 06, 2018

    Kate Pearlman-Shaw, Partner for Leadership Consultancy, says bringing emotions to the forefront is an important part of being an effective leader, and demonstrates the advanced people skills needed to lead an organisation successfully.

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  • Common Goals

    Aug 09, 2018

    What, if anything, do public sector organisations have in common with the England football team? Amanda Reynolds and Craig Clarke use the positive example of the recent World Cup as a reminder of the leadership often displayed in the public sector, and how a team approach can reap significant rewards.

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  • Pace, Partnerships and Pioneers

    Jul 27, 2018

    For public services under increasing strain, inspired leadership will be the game changer. Many organisations are convinced they have played their trump cards already: budgets cut and shaved further; service delivery outsourced; organisations reshaped and partnerships created. Is it any wonder those at the top are asking, “Where next?” Most Chairs and CEOs, however, quickly realise that this is only the start, and not the endpoint, in transforming services to complex communities that demand more when less is available. So where do leaders go from here? What hand will they be dealt next?

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  • Thriving on the edge of chaos...

    May 25, 2018

    What does it take to be a leader in further education? How has this changed in the last 10 years? Or the last 5? Or even the last 3?If you knew back then what you know now about the leadership challenges,how would you have prepared differently to take on your current role?

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  • Networking - common crimes and how to avoid them

    May 02, 2018

    Read Juliet Taylor's thoughts on Networking here.

  • Authentic Leadership

    Apr 30, 2018

    Authenticity and relevance in leadership- are the rules slowly changing?

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  • International Women's Day Roll of Honour

    Mar 08, 2018

    We are privileged to work with some of the country’s leading female influencers every single day. International Women’s Day is a perfect opportunity to pause and celebrate the work of women within the public and not for profit sector, using their talents to shape a better society. You can find a fuller selection of just some of the senior women that GS has helped to appoint over the last 12 months.

  • Avoiding unconscious bias in top talent recruitment & retention

    Dec 08, 2017


    Last month, Equal Pay Day highlighted the work many organisations across both the private and public sector need to do when it comes to closing the gender pay gap. With reporting deadlines approaching, it is absolutely critical for management to meet targets.

    Research shows that decision-making is far more effective when individuals from a range of backgrounds and with varying perspectives are involved. Fair pay is essential if organisations want to retain top talent and realise these benefits. However, the recruitment process can have unconscious bias or barriers that deter female candidates, or candidates from diverse backgrounds.

    Read Jody Goldsworthy's advice on avoiding unconscious bias.pdf

  • Generation X career-changers look to give something back

    Jul 17, 2017

    WHEN it comes to later-life job moves, Generation X workers — born between the late 1960s and the late 1970s — want to give something back.

    Nearly half want to pursue jobs in the charity or public sector to contribute positively to the community, according to public sector executive recruitment and people development specialists GatenbySanderson.

    These second careers have often been forced upon Gen Xers following the national pension age rising to 67 and the 2008 financial crisis. But while they need to work longer, they want a different type of role — often something more fulfilling (33 per cent) and they also want to make sure they leave the country in a positive state for future generations and their children (45 per cent).

    Martin Tucker, chief executive of GatenbySanderson, says: “The public sector is facing significant challenges to deliver vital services to a population that is changing rapidly and at a time when budgets are being cut. Generation X brings a new perspective, life philosophy and skillset to senior roles, which is exactly what the sector needs.”

    Mark Turner, joint managing partner for central government at GatenbySanderson, adds: “Careerchangers are usually looking to assume key leadership roles in public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

    “Typically, they have built successful executive careers in the private sector and are looking to put their skills to use in the public sector, while making a positive contribution to the community and benefiting from being personally challenged.

    “This might include roles as non-executive directors in hospitals or housing associations, trustees in charities or chairs and members of regulatory or Government bodies.

    “There are a number of skills that are in demand, such as operational expertise, commercial, procurement, financial, change management and HR.

    “For career-changers, the public sector can also offer more flexibility, better working environments and better work/life balance compared to the private sector.”

    Examples of roles currently available include: board member at the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority; chair and lay board members at the Bar Standards Board; chair of North Bristol NHS Trust; non-executive chair of London Fire Brigade; and non-executive director of Nominet.

  • The Chair / Chief Executive relationship – a complex marriage that can stand the test of time

    Jun 20, 2017


    We launched our latest report at the RSA on 14th June alongside 50 chairs and chief executives. Sir Tony Hawkhead of Action for Children, and Baroness Delyth Morgan and Professor Lynne Berry of Breast Cancer Now joined broadcaster Liz Barclay on the Panel. The report follows our earlier look at the changing face of leadership in the sector Thriving in the Age of Disruption launched in 2016. We’re delighted to share this latest report with you now (download it here)

    Author:  Juliet Taylor, Partner and Head of Not for Profit Practice