Interested in Becoming an Interim?

A career in interim management can be exceptionally rewarding and with no shortage of challenge to overcome, you will have plenty of opportunities to make a real difference.

However, it takes a certain character with an array of specific skills to make the grade as a successful interim. To see if you fit the bill, ask yourself the following questions and if you answer ‘yes’ to the majority of them, executive interim management could be for you:

  • Can you manage the emotional and financial uncertainty of shorter term work?
  • Do you have a flexible and adaptable approach to work?
  • Can you work autonomously yet be a team player when necessary?
  • Are you a clear communicator and able influencer?
  • Do you have good personal administration skills?
  • Are you adaptable; able to quickly find your feet in different company cultures and sizes?
  • Do you enjoy the challenge of a constantly changing environment?
  • Can you build relationships quickly and make accurate judgements on people you meet?
  • Can you handle stress?
  • Do you have the management experience to give you both credibility and gravitas?
  • Can you be task focused?
  • Can you commit to deadlines?
  • Are you prepared to work at a level below that of your permanent career if a client needs your experience?

Interested in becoming an interim? Apply for accreditation now.

Once you have decided to become an interim there are several steps to ensure your success. 

Selling yourself as an interim

It is essential to first identify your key strengths and consider how best to package these together with your career achievements, and elements of your experience and philosophy, to really make you stand out from other candidates.

It is also a good idea to attend relevant events, conferences and seminars that you think may help you to develop a strong network of useful contacts.

Interested in becoming an interim? Apply for accreditation now.

Interim administration

By becoming an interim, you'll be taking on the responsibility for your own financial and legal administration, and marketing. It’s important to be prepared for this commitment and the following points may be worth considering:

  • Take professional advice over how you'll invoice your agency or client.
  • Consider the different options of establishing your own limited company, working as a sole trader or working through an agency payroll or third party.
  • Find out whether your consultancy will provide public liability or personal indemnity insurance, or if this is something that you will have to arrange.
  • Act professionally by organising business cards, a professional email address and a mobile phone.

Interested in becoming an interim? Apply for accreditation now. 

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