Selecting the Right Candidate

We firmly believe in the importance of understanding how someone goes about their work. Often, the difference between success and failure in a job comes down to behaviour and style, not experience or knowledge.

You will make better judgements about a candidate’s ability to do the job, and reduce the likelihood of making the wrong selection decision, by arming yourself with as much information about a candidate as possible. To ensure that you do it in a fair and legally defensible manner it is essential that the correct tools and processes are used, those proven to make valid predictions of how a candidate will perform in your organisation.

We provide the following services:

Psychometric testing and profiling

Our qualified Psychologists use reputable, well researched personality tools, ability tests and leadership judgement measures that have been approved by the British Psychological Society. We will be as flexible as possible, to fit within your budget and timescales.

We always:

  • Understand the job, your culture and what success looks like
  • Identify the competencies and behaviours critical for success
  • Select the tools to measure your success criteria
  • Arrange testing / profiling quickly to suit your needs and your candidates
  • Explore the findings with every candidate to gather additional detail
  • Prepare original, relevant and useful reports. We do not use computer-generated reports or cut and paste generic statements.

Assessment Centres

A well-designed assessment centre, that involves exercises and tests relevant to the job, is the best method available for predicting how successful a candidate is likely to be in your organisation.
The same principles are used to evaluate the capabilities of existing staff; to select from internal candidates in a restructure or redundancy situation, or to diagnose development needs.  In these situations we will:

  • Design bespoke exercises, like role-plays or in-trays, to very accurately reflect the challenges candidates will face in the job.
  • Select from off-the shelf exercises which align closely to the success factors for the job.
  • Prepare timetables, assessor and candidate instructions and scoring guides, so that accurate evaluations can be made.
  • Work in partnership with your HR or OD team to deliver the assessment centre or can deliver the entire event on your behalf.

Candidates are always offered feedback as well as advice and guidance beforehand in order to ensure we maximise their opportunity to perform successfully.