Identifying Talent

It is essential to the future success of your organisation that you identify and nurture talented staff. You may have difficulty designing fair and objective systems to ensure that the best people are identified for promotion, you may want to establish and deliver a full scale talent management programme or a fast-track leadership development programme

Whatever your requirements our Occupational Psychologists are experienced in supporting clients to identify staff with the ‘potential’ to achieve the best results for organisations.

We can:

  • Develop a competency framework that sets out the behaviours required for success at the promoted / desired job level
  • Design a development process to review an individual’s strengths and development areas against these requirements (including the use of the development tool Strengthscope™)
  • Design bespoke exercises that provide a realistic preview of the types of tasks individuals would be expected to complete at this level
  • Provide individual feedback (including video footage) to raise awareness of strengths and development areas
  • Support staff to complete development action plans and identify what training, coaching, mentoring is required to help them reach this next level

Our Occupational Psychologists are experts in helping staff understand their potential and building their confidence to optimise their strengths in challenging environments.

We will work with your internal HR / OD teams to build a transparent programme of development so that your staff are clear about their career paths and how to progress within your organisation.

This will ensure that you retain the most talented staff, who know what their strengths are and how to deploy them to achieve exceptional performance.