Evaluating Existing Staff

Your organisation might be undergoing a major transformation, you may need to reduce the size of your existing workforce or you may have a remit to improve performance in your directorate/team. All of these situations present you with difficult decisions about which members of staff should be redeployed, who is at risk of redundancy, how to improve performance and so on.

We can help make these difficult decisions easier for you by utilising objective and legally defensible methodologies to assess staff capabilities and potential against your new requirements and culture. It is important that your evaluations of existing staff are as accurate as possible and are based on the criteria that are important for the future success of your organisation.

We have extensive expertise in this area. Our Occupational Psychologists can advise on, design and deliver assessment processes to achieve your objectives and protect you from adverse outcomes.

We can:

  • Develop a competency framework that sets out revised expectations and new standards for behaviour
  • Design an assessment process to review existing staff against these new requirements
  • Devise a communication plan to brief staff, stakeholders and Trade Unions, to enhance transparency
  • Facilitate workshops to prepare candidates to perform to the best of their abilities
  • Deliver a professional assessment process, sensitively and fairly
  • Provide objective information about every individual’s performance and capabilities to enable you to differentiate
  • Give constructive, developmental feedback, irrespective of the outcome.