Assessment & Development Case Study

How it came about

As with many of our clients we have worked on a repeat basis for this metropolitan council. We enjoy an existing relationship with both the CEO and deputy CEO, having recently placed the deputy CEO into position.

The council was undergoing wide-scale organisational changes, including an assimilation programme due to restructuring, whereby deputy heads of services would need to apply for a smaller number of assistant director roles.

Given there were more candidates than new roles the client was very keen that our assessment supported the recruitment process and the development of both successful and unsuccessful candidates. The client worked with us to identify internal candidates for the roles and also drew on our expertise in filling the positions they were unable to be filled internally.

What we did

We worked closely with the client to provide clear advice on how best to assess the internal and external talents they needed for their new-shaped organisation.

With legal and HR issues acting as a guiding point to the design of the assessment process we ensured clarity on the competency framework against which employees were assessed, alongside a transparent assessment matrix. This ensured that an objective, legally defensible yet highly relevant assessment programme was delivered.

What the outcome was

Unusually for an assimilation process, the feedback from employees undergoing the process was highly positive in terms of the relevance, fairness and clarity of the exercises they underwent. They also found it to be a developmental experience, regardless of the outcome for them as individuals.

What the client liked

Our expertise in the design and project management of a large scale assessment process within very short timescales gained praise from the client. We also had to deliver significant consultant capacity on a flexible timetable as it was not clear until a very late stage how many ring-fenced potential applicants would actually show interest in each role.

Our professionalism in providing advice as to which methods were the most fair and defensible ensured a smooth process without appeals. The client liked the independent nature of the assessment, allowing them to work with us, yet confident that we could manage the process from end to end.

What happened next?

Having gathered valuable data on employee’s skills and development areas, we felt it important to ensure that this information was turned into a talent database from which to manage and develop individuals into their new roles.

A summary report provided clear direction on where best to focus training and development to be used over an 18 month period. We also clearly highlighted, for each strategic director, team competence and potential development needs.

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