Social Impact
As a business dedicated to working across public services, we are very keen to give something back where we can make this possible, and we ensure that our colleagues are given the time during work hours to do this. Some examples of our initiatives are detailed below.

  • Volunteering at local schools and colleges
    We encourage colleagues to volunteer at local schools, running mock interviews, to support student development and prepare them for HE or life after school.
  • Encouraging colleagues to become Non-Executives
    A number of colleagues are Non-Executives, governors and Trustees of local organisations. We support them by allocating dedicated time towards this.
  • Increasing diversity within the NHS
    We have created a joint initiative with the NHS – The Insight Programme – to mentor under represented senior leaders in Health. As a result, we have built up a substantial talent pool, and successfully appointed from this pool.
  • Creating Local Network Groups
    We have created and facilitated a forum for Company Secretaries in Health in the region to meet at our offices in Leeds and share learning and best practice. This has now been running for over 5 years.
  • Conducting research
    We often conduct research amongst organisation, which we then share with a range of clients and organisations. We aim that this provides advice on best practice as well as practical solutions for individuals and organisations.
  • Raising money/providing services for local charities
    Each member of staff can utilise two working days to participate in community causes. We also promote opportunities centrally to encourage staff to make full use of these opportunities. In Birmingham, we have raised money specifically to support Birmingham City Council/charity projects
  • We also create and promote regional joint working initiatives.
    We have both created our own events, for example a breakfast seminar within the Housing sector and Regulation sector as well as funding think tanks of local authority leaders or enabling networking and learning opportunities across the public sector. For example, we recently sponsored the MJ Future Forum North, which brought together local government CEO’s from across the North. We are shortly to support a PPMA regional event.
  • Successful apprenticeship programme
    We have run an apprenticeship programme within GatenbySanderson leading to two successful apprenticeships. We have also worked for a number of years with Leeds University to support their Student Placement Programme.

Economic Impact
GatenbySanderson works exclusively within the public sector and our purpose is to ‘help shape a better society’ through our work at local level to bring the best talent into communities. Many of our roles revolve around economic development, enterprise and social cohesion and we are experts in these areas.

As an advisory business, we have a small number of suppliers and aim, wherever possible, to use local businesses based close to our offices. For example, we use local designers and printers and support local venues to host and cater for our event programme. We regularly host events in not for profit venues.

We have recruited apprentices encouraging their development and we run a graduate programme. We also provide work placements to students in Leeds.

Environmental Impact
We are committed to minimising any negative effects that our business and facilities may have on the environment. Initiatives, include:

  • Online client reporting (rather than paper-based) and reduced fees to those clients who use this method. This significantly reduces transporting of heavy packs around the country.
  • Video conferencing to significantly reduce internal travel.
  • Movement sensitive lights in meeting rooms and within our main office areas.
  • Recycling of paper, cardboard plastic and tin.
  • Our company policy is for staff to use public transport wherever possible. Our offices are purposely close to major railway stations.


If you would like any further information about any of these initiatives, or would like to discuss ways in which we can work with you to support local communities and initiatives, please contact Charlie.Boulton@gatenbysanderson.com or Ellie.Masters-Gregory@gatenbysanderson.com.